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All campers must consent to these rules by signing in the appropriate place on the registration form.

  1. No one may leave camp without permission from the camp Director.
  2. Flint Hills is a fine campground; we keep it clean, neat, attractive, and always Christian.
  3. Hiking is permitted only in groups that have a staff member in charge.
  4. Do not bring these items: cell phones (see note below), MP3 players or iPods, musical instruments, tobacco, alcohol, matches, fireworks, knives, firearms, radios, CD or tape players, any electronic games, or water canons.
  5. Profane, vulgar and unbecoming language and actions will not be tolerated.
  6. All clothing must be worn to the knees. This includes jams, shorts, dresses, etc. No spandex, sun dresses or see-through shirts. All clothing must cover the midriff and armpits! Check slogans and advertisements on shirts to make sure they are of a Christian nature. There will be no tolerance of unacceptable attire.
  7. Camp life is group-centered. There must not be any display of affection between campers. There will be no splitting off from the main group.
  8. Absolutely NO HORSEPLAY! None will be tolerated. No pushing or shoving others.
  9. Boys and girls are to stay away from opposite cabins.
  10. Stay away from the pool area unless it is your turn to swim.
  11. No campers in the dining hall unless staff authorized. The kitchen is off limits to campers!
  12. Do not borrow anything without the permission of the owner. You break, you pay.
  13. Report lost items, and turn in found items to the director immediately.
  14. Each cabin will be inspected for cleanliness and orderliness each day.
  15. Rest hour must be observed. Be on your bunk resting, studying or reading.
  16. Lights must be out as scheduled and QUIET! Campers must stay in cabins after lights out.
  17. Campers must stay away from parked cars.
  18. No use of the telephone without permission from the Camp Director.
  19. No visitors may spend the night on Friday night.

Further guidelines will be provided by the Director upon arrival at camp.

Special note regarding cell phones: If you bring a cell phone to camp, it will be confiscated by the Camp Director or Counselors until the end of the camp session. Parents, please do not send a cell phone with your child. If he or she needs to contact you, the Director will provide access to the camp telephone. You may contact your child through the Camp Director via the camp telephone (620-725-3822).